Please note that our address is not recognisd by the GPS so if you wish to use it input San Giovanni a Piro, the name of the village but follow this instructions when you get to it.

1) From Naples airport follow for motorway A16 Napoli-Bari (in Italy motorway signs are in green while normal roads are in blue). Take this motorway direction Bari.

2) After about 17 km take motorway A30 direction Salerno. Go to the end of this motorway (44 km) and after the toll keep following for Salerno.

3) After about 10 km you will approach Salerno and you have to stay on the left lane direction Autostrada A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria.

4) Stay on this motorway and exit at Padula/Buonabitacolo (103 km) which comes after Sala Consilina exit. Don’t miss the exit because the next one is over 20km away.

5) At exit turn left and then 100 metres later turn right following signs for Sapri, after about 1km there is a roundabout, go round it following for Sapri, at the end of this fast road (33 km) you will face a T junction and you will turn right in direction Scario.

6) You will cross a river and then after a couple of bends you will turn left towards Scario. After about 4 km you will arrive in Scario, here you will turn right for San Giovanni a Piro where you will arrive after 7 km.

7) Once you enter the first houses of San Giovanni you will see the Carabinieri on your left, soon after the Ristorante La Pergola. You have to do a sharp left turn around the Ristorante La Pergola. You follow that lane for no more than 1km and after you arrive at the bottom of the hill where the road is almost flat you will come to a wide junction where there is a brand new roundabout. You go up on the right for about 100 metres then the road either goes up on the left or straight. You take the straight road on the right (there si a sign with "San Fantino"). From then on you follow the San Fantino signs all the way to the Locanda.