In mid season (March to June and September to November) the Locanda will also be used to host groups of people attending a course. These will include: cooking, yoga, marine biology and diving, medicinal herbs treatment, foraging for wild plants, use of medicinal herbs, drawing, bridge, etc. The courses will be organised in part by the resort owner and in part by external experts such as chefs, marine biologists, yoga teachers, painters, etc.

The courses will be advertised by email to our mailing list and through our travel agent partners once a date has been set but if you wish to participate in any of the courses please let us know by emailing us and telling us when would you be available so that we may organise a course around those dates. See on News which scheduled courses you can join.

If you can put together a group we can organise a course specially for you. Courses that can currently be organised are:

Click on a course to download a programme