Commenti dei clienti

Joan, Doug, Jeff and I are back in San Francisco. We had many adventures after we left your Locanda and we stayed for a week in Sicily. Strangely enough however we find ourselves talking about San Fantino more than any other place we visited. Reflecting back on our stay, it was seriously interesting and unexpected. The road, the house, the village, the dogs, you and Aart. One of the things that we all came to understand is that some challenges are as memorable, more memorable, than easy luxuries. Access was difficult but getting to the property was all the more rewarding on arrival (but really we are glad the road is fixed). The yogurt at breakfast with your homemade jams was out of this world. The trip we took with your mother along the coast and her gracious tour of her wonderful home and the view from her deck, it was magical. The wonderful interior of your farmhouse and the great living and dining room. We call you "the most interesting man in the world", it is from a beer commercial here in the US, but truly you are really a memorable character. We are glad to have met you and had a chance to see a part of Italy no other American seems to have heard of. We will definitively come back to the south of Italy and contact you when that happens. If you ever get to San Francisco or Northern California, give us a call. Lisa 4/11/2013

Thank you Sebastiano for your wonderful kindness and hospitality and most of all the beauty of this fantastic place. Don 7/6/2012

Photography, cooking, wine, furniture making - what can you not turn your hand to! Thank you for introducing us to an amazing unknown corner of Italy. Catherine 7/6/2012

Sebastiano, thank you for a lovely, memorable stay. San Fantino is a slice of heaven on earth. Much love. The Jeejcebhoys July 2012

Gracias fur espectacular esta semana. Un hermoso lugar para conocerlo solo me queda decir simplemente Dios les vendiga y suerte. Lina 21/7/2012

Dearest Seba, this has been the best break ever! We have all been so very happy here and can't wait to come back. All love Hugh 21/7/2012

E` stato un piacevolissimo soggiorno reso ancor piu` simpatico dalla presenza dei tanti amici a quattro zampe. Con affetto Elene e Andrea 19/8/2012

Dear Sebastiano & Sophie, thank you for a wonderful stay. The house and landscape are beautiful and the food amazing. Not sure which one we like more INK RISOTTO or VONGOLE? XX Cora + Abir 20/8/2012

Dear Sebastiano, what an amazing place you have created. It has been so lovely to explore this beautiful area under your excellent guidance & to relax in your Locanda. We are going to miss your amazing cooking very much as well. Thank you Ella & John 19/9/2012

Sebastiano, you have made a little bit of heaven here. Great host, great cook to our perfect Luna di Miele. Thank you for filling our senses with divine wine, beautiful venues, boat rides to beaches for ourselves, picnic lunches and the best food in town! Thank you Una & Jamie 26/9/2012

Cari Sophie e Sebastiano, grazie per condividere il vostro piccolo paradiso botanico. Accoglienza insuperabile e cibo fantastico, soprattutto il selvatico e i vostri prodotti. Vicente April 2013

It was an incredible experience, we cannot wait to come back. Seba is the best. Jimi + Vickie July 2013

Come sempre Sebastiano stupisce, San Fantino e` un posto stupendo e un pozzo di idee. Grazie per l'ospitalita` con amicizia. Simone Claartje Milo Gaia Alma July 2013

"The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay, the glory that was Rome is of another day. I have been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan, I am going home to my Locanda by the bay. I left my heart in San Fantino, high on the hill, it calls to me. To be where white Fiats climb halfway to the stars, the morning fog may chill the air, I don't care. My love waits there in San Fantino, above the blue and windy sea. When I come home to you, San Fantino, your golden sun will shine on me..." (with apologies to Cory/Cross and Tony Bennet). With all love Jamie, Michele, Cara + Sancia. 27th August 2013

Sebastiano, it was an absolute delight and privilege to experience San Fantino. I am already cured by the miracolous soup and the slow relaxed atmosphere. Lovely October weather, mild and mellow. We will not forget the Museum at Roccagloriosa! Thank you so much. Julian and Clare October 2013

Thank you Sebastiano! Locanda San Fantino is lovely and a perfect respite from our usual world. Each path affords a new discovery and it is especially delightful for me to recapture my Italian spirit in such a mesmerizing place. Grazie mille from us both. Ellen & Gonzalo 16/3/2014