Our sea is of an extraordinary beauty, starting with the 15 miles of wild untouched coastline which can be reached only by boat or on foot. The most protected area of the National Park on land and a Marine Park in the water. The rocky coast full of caves and bays is interrupted by beaches of all sizes. Then there is the famous Palinuro beach that can be reached by car and is over 5 km long. Apart from July and August both the wild coast and the long beach are practically deserted making you feel as if on a remote uninhabited island.

Going to a beach by boat

Season: All year
Description: 10 minute drive to harbour. San Fantino has its own boat that can be used by its clients with or without captain. It takes 7-8 people. Picnic lunches can be provided for while on one of the beaches a little restaurant under a carob tree is open in July and August with a local shepherd that sings and plays the accordion.

Going to a beach by car

Season: All year
Description: 10-20 minute drive. There are several beaches reachable by car. Some have facilities for children and bar/restaurant in the Summer, otherwise they are completely deserted off season. Picnic lunches can be provided.

Going to the River

Season: April/Oct
Description: 20 minute drive to beautiful stretch of river Bussento, with turquoise water, runs, beaches and overhanging trees. You can build a fire and make a barbecue for lunch while bathing and sunbathing. Canoes can be rented at the mouth of the river in the Summer.

Trekking to a Beach

Season: March/June, Sept/Nov
Description: 10 minute drive to the start of the path. Then walk to a beach or some rocks on the wildest stretch of coastline. Build a fire and make a barbecue for lunch while swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. Pick up by boat on way back can be organised.

Trekking on the Mountain or on Top of the Cliffs

Season: All year
Description: Various paths within 5-10 minute drive offer sensational views. One is the ascent of the 1225m Mount Bulgheria. Alternatively 45 minute drive to top of Mount Bulgheria and 3-4 hour walk on plateau with wild lavender and oregano and descent back to  the village. A guide and a donkey to carry equipment and food can be organised.

Visit the Area on the Tractor Trailer

Season: All year
Description: Panoramic drive through oak and chestnut forests and road on top of cliffs overlooking the sea. A children’s favourite.


Season: All year except July and August
Description: Walking on the estate or nearby woods with baskets and knives looking for wild edible plants, asparagus and hops (april), wild mushroom (june, sept/nov), saffron (oct), hazelnut and walnut (sept/oct), chestnut (oct/nov).

Wild Orchid Spotting

Season: April/June
Description: 80 minute drive to the “Valley of the orchids” at the foothills of Mount Cervati (1899m). Trekking on 13km trail admiring and photographing wild orchids of which there are 184 different types, among free roaming horses and cattle.


Season: All year
Description: Places to visit in the vicinity are Jose` Ortega house and museum (10 minute drive); Roccagloriosa IV century bc ruins and museum (20 minute); Padula 18th Century Monastery (45 minute), Paestum VI century bc greek temples and museum (80 minute).


Season: All year
Description: Visit the village's various beauticians and have a haircut for 8 euros or a manicure for 4 euros. Try the cakes in the patisserie or some of the best icecreams in the world in Scario.